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Delivery Strategy

Collating, compiling and structuring the course contents for a Training and Mentoring program is a job only half done. It is the delivery of the course by experts from the IT industry that greatly enhances the final value of the knowledge thus acquired. At PeopleCare, trainers bring to bear a hands-on approach with years of working in the IT industry combined with their rich experiential knowledge during classroom and other lab sessions to enable participants better understand the real, professional context of the topic being discussed.

Adopting some of the proven knowledge delivery models during the training sessions will ensure a full and comprehensive understanding of the topics. Here is a list of delivery methods that will be utilized during the course:

  • Classroom Sessions
  • Role-play Methods
  • In-basket Training
  • Managerial Games
  • Fun Events
  • Quiz/Tests
  • Practice/Exercise Sessions
  • Video Presentations