Employee Self-service

PeopleCare Business Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions for Recruitment and Employee Self-Service in the HR domain. These solutions are path-breaking and a game-changer in the way HR function is managed in an enterprise.

Voice Employee Self-Service (Voice ESS) is an enterprise suite which enables employees to access their personal employment information using a telephone.

Pain areas

  • Inefficiency in personal/HR operations (wastage of time and resources)
  • Limited visibility of personal information for blue-collared employees or the employees in transit

Voice ESS enables employees a direct access to their personal information using the telephone. The centralized platform delivers information as well as registers their requirements.

  • Leave management
  • Grievance
  • Idea management
  • Get employee contact details
  • Access pay and re-imbursement details


  • Automates information delivery and requirement registration process via speech over telephone
  • Easily navigable voice user interface
  • Speech biometrics-based authentication
  • Can be interfaced to any existing HRMS suite/ERP system
  • Can be accessed from a public telecom network or from an intercom
  • Auto redirection of employee requests to authorities concerned via e-mail/SMS
  • Web-based control panel
  • Support for multiple Indian languages


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduction in time and resource wastage
  • Easy accessibility and visibility to information for authorized employees
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Higher levels of employee morale

Application areas
All industry verticals where HR-employee interaction is difficult or minimal such as manufacturing, logistics, transportation and health care, among others.