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Why The Touch

Established in 2009 with a primary focus to deliver business solutions that enable, improve and enhance end user and people productivity.

The company is founded by a set of seasoned and experienced IT business professionals who have worked with organizations such as MindTree, Infosys, Apple, Inc., Wipro and Mercury Interactive (now part of HP). Each one of them has over two to three decades of business and industry exposure.

Given the collective experience of the founders, PeopleCare is positioned itself to be a niche player in providing quality solutions and services that harness the potential of human resources with productivity gains across the organization resulting in a high degree of people satisfaction.

The company is focused on Education Services and Automated Speech Recognition as its primary offerings.

The bar has been raised

The demands of the professional environment are very fluid, changing dynamically and becoming aggressive day-by-day. The career-aspiring youth today has several challenges to face due to various employment situations:

  • Stringent hiring norms
  • Aggressive job competitions
  • Lower interview turnover ratios
  • Higher expectations from the IT Industry

In addition, every student goes through the transition pains from the academics phase at college into the professional phase at work.

PeopleCare® Business Solutions, managed by top experts from the IT Industry, have developed a highly customized learning program that prepares graduating students to take on the challenges of the hiring process and meet the exacting standards of the potential employer.


Education in India is a sector that has the potential to move into the next orbit. The last two decades has seen changes with a huge rise in technology, engineering and management institutes that is churning out large number of skilled manpower. This has been one of biggest catalyst for the growth of Indian Industry. However the gap between the Industry's expectations and the skills available is ever increasing. This has thrown open opportunities to address these gaps by enhancing the student's skills and nurturing them to be qualified to take up jobs in the Industry.

PeopleCare has created an offering in this space to address the needs of the IT industry (to begin with) as they absorb large number of fresh graduates from various campuses. We see gaps in the way a typical campus recruit gets inducted into the delivery teams without understanding the nuances and dynamics of project teams. Mere soft skill training will not suffice. We plan to offer a holistic module that primarily focuses on grooming young graduates to be "technically" sound as best suited for IT industry. The program also covers basic etiquette, communication, interview skills, expectation of various stakeholders as they join the industry, team work dynamics, IT application maintenance, quality and project management and basic industry domain concepts.

The entire "FinishingTouch" program has been carefully designed and developed by a team of top notch experts who collectively have over 90 years of experience in the IT industry. These industry experts have personally groomed and mentored a huge number of young graduates in the last decade and the program modules have been chosen to address the exacting needs of the IT industry as expected from the fresh graduates.